Brisbane Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth or third molars are generally the last teeth that erupt in the mouth. For a large proportion of the population they may not cause any problems and some people may not have wisdom teeth at all. However, for those that have wisdom teeth problems the pain and associated problems can be excruciating. At Redland Bay Smiles Dental, Brisbane we see patients whose impacted wisdom teeth cause pain, infection and decay to surrounding teeth. Anecdotally, there are reports that wisdom teeth can also cause crowding or misalignment of your other teeth.

It is for the above reasons that most impacted or decayed wisdom teeth need to be removed. Most other dental surgeries may refer you to an oral-maxillo facial surgeon to remove your wisdom teeth. However, at Redland Bay Smiles, we are fortunate to employ the skills of Specialist Dentists to safely remove wisdom teeth. 

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