A dental bridge is another fixed option to replace a missing tooth. Bridges generally only replace one missing tooth. As shown in the diagram, teeth either side of the missing tooth are prepared and an impression taken and sent to a dental laboratory. The lab then pours the impression up in stone and prepares a precisely fitting bridge unit with a connector tooth that replaces your missing tooth attached to the two prepared or adjacent teeth. This bridge unit is then sent back to us to be inserted and cemented. We only use Australian based dental labs ensuring quality and safe materials are used to construct your bridge.

At Redland Bay Smiles, we are committed to offer patients the latest technology and advancements in dentistry. It is for this reason that we may advise against a dental bridge in favour of a dental implant. This is because an implant does not need the support of adjacent teeth and is therefore more conservative. However, each case is different and our Dentists will provide all the relevant treatment options to allow patients to chose which one best suits their circumstance.

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